Cascade Environmental Education Centre

We aim to educate and better connect youth with nature and themselves.

Telephone02 6657 4188

Meet our Cascade Animals

At Cascade EEC we have two pythons, Sandy and Twilight; and two bearded dragons, Renelda and Remy.

Our animals are super friendly and love interacting with students. You are guaranteed to meet them when you come for a camp.


Renelda is Cascade's senior resident, being 12 years old. Renelda is a very calming presence, she only gets riled up if there are crickets for her to catch.

Sandy the Python


Meet Sandy, our beautiful python. Sandy is the newest member at Cascade. While Sandy is still pretty small, one day she will be as big as Twilight!


Last but certainly not least is Twilight. Twilight is our other lovely Python. Although she might look intimidating, she is the loveliest, calmest and kindest snake anyone could ever wish to meet. She loves coming out of her cage to meet visiting students!