Cascade Environmental Education Centre

We aim to educate and better connect youth with nature and themselves.

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Leadership Programs

The Cascade EEC Leadership Program teaches students how to be leaders of their school, their community and leaders of their personal growth. 

Cascade offers a wide range of leadership camps to suit the schools needs. We aim to create empathetic and resilient  leaders for tomorrow, with a passion for the environment.

Our Year 7 bonding camps encourage new friendships at the start of the year. With a focus on team building and interpersonal skills, we aim to build student resilience in a natural and supportive environment.

Our SRC Camp brings the schools leaders together to focus on team building and goal setting. Our aim is to set an achievable goal for the students to complete in their school over the duration of the year.

These camps or a variation of them can be replicated for any year group.


PD4-1, PD4-3, PD4-5, PD4-6, PD4-9, PD4-10
PD5-1, PD5-3, PD5-5, PD5-6, PD5-9, PD5-10