Cascade Environmental Education Centre

We aim to educate and better connect youth with nature and themselves.

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Guided rainforest experiences

Explore the rainforests around Cascade Environmental Education Centre that have been waiting for you to visit for 100 million years!

Despite the fact that these forests cover less than 1% of Australia they contain upwards of 30% of animals and birds and 50% of the plants found in Australia. 

Rainforest once covered the vast super-continent, Gondwana, over the long years this rainforest has been reduced to tiny pockets.

These pockets provide places where we can experience the natural world at its best, reflect on the many layers of its history and decide how we will interact with it.

Walk on the roof of the forest, study its inhabitants, have a break under a 1,500 year old tree, gain an insight into the importance of rainforests during this engaging activity.